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Disability Access Audit Consultancy

The Disability Access Audit Consultancy Service can provide your company with a complete consultancy package. The Disability Access Audit will give you a service you can rely on. Recommended adaptations will take into account. The reasons for carrying out an Access Audit are to meet the legislative requirements of the PWD Act 1995, to improve accessibility for disabled people.

What is an Access Audit?

An Access Audit is an examination of the built environment to identify the barriers that prevent disabled people having full accessibility, and the recommended solutions for adaptation.An access audit is the cornerstone to an effective access improvement strategy.

All the findings are presented in an easy to use report combining facts and figures with photographs. We look at physical aspects of your buildings and identify if they do not meet the requirements of the various pieces of legislation.

Why should my organisation have an Access audit done ?

It is important that you make every effort to make your service accessible for persons with disabilities. An access audit will help identify problems and point you in the right direction to solve them. It is important to note that many of the solutions to access problems can be cheap and easy to carry out. The comprehensive package includes everything to ensure you know what should be done and how to improve accessibility for disabled people.

Who will do the audit?

The access audit will be carried out by trained Access Auditors who also have a personal experience of disability.

We are working with a reasonable budget. Our access auditing team is headed by Aqeel Qureshi, Accessibility Consultant For more information please contact aqeelqureshi@disabilityindia.com, aqeelsco@hotmail.com

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